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07 July 2015

Zofran Infant Birth Defect Data & Lawsuits In New Hampshire

In 1991 the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gave the green light for the drug Zofran to be used in America as a drug that diminishes nausea in cancer patients and surgical recovery patients. However, in 1999 the FDA was informed that the makers of Zofran, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), was also distributing the drug as an anti-nausea medication to pregnant women plagued by grave morning sickness. GSK’s practice of further selling its drug beyond its approved status is called “off-label” marketing. Upon acquiring this knowledge, the FDA issued a statement that informed the public that this was “false and misleading” advertisement from GSK, and directed GSK to stop any and all other marketing aids that promoted Zofran in the light of the drug being safe for use in pregnant women. The FDA never approved Zofran to be used by pregnant women seeking relief from intense symptoms of morning sickness.

In 2012 GSK pleaded guilty to illegally endorsing Zofran for use in pregnant women for the prevention of morning sickness. GSK paid a monumental $3 billion. One of the reasons that GSK paid was because it illegally paid doctors to prescribe and recommend Zofran.  GSK did not perform adequate tests that would back the usage of Zofran while pregnant, and subsequently lawsuits have been filed by families who had children born with birth defects when an expectant mom took Zofran in the first trimester to alleviate serious morning sickness.

New Hampshire: Birth Irregularities Figures

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that of the 12,000 babies born in New Hampshire each year, about 350 (3%) are affected by one or more major birth defects. Nationally the CDC approximates that 1 in 33 births ends up as a birth irregularity. From the time Zofran was widely available in the United States since its FDA approval in 1991, it became the most well known and recommended drug for pregnant women suffering from extreme cases of morning sickness. Zofran was such a well known and favored drug that it had a near 99% market dominance in 2005. The latest recorded census data for New Hampshire is 1,326,813.

Using this data as well as the averaged prospect ratios cited in Zofran related medical studies  we calculated an approximate 722 infant births in New Hampshire where Zofran usage in the baby’s early developmental months may have caused a birth irregularity. To find more about the medical studies that found out that Zofran is linked to birth irregularities, go to this page.

New Hampshire’s five most densely populated cities have the following figures:

  • Manchester- 109,565 population
  • Nashua- 86,494 population
  • Concord- 42,695 population
  • East Concord- 42,605 population
  • Derry Village- 34,539 population

What Are The Probable Figures Of Cleft Palate & Congenital Heart Abnormalities Associated To Zofran In New Hampshire?

Employing New Hampshire’s population of 1,326,813, we computed that there were, 124 births that were a form of cleft palate and 598 births with a congenital heart deformity. We have also computed the figures for each of the five most densely populated cities in New Hampshire:

  • Manchester- 101 probable birth defects with almost 10 cleft palate, and 91 congenital heart deformities
  • Nashua- 91 probable birth defects with almost 9 cleft palate, and 82 congenital heart deformities
  • Concord- 70 probable birth defects with almost 4 cleft palate, and 66 congenital heart deformities
  • East Concord-68 probable birth defects with almost 4 cleft palate, and 64 congenital heart deformities
  • Derry Village- 66 probable birth defects with almost 3 cleft palate, and 63 congenital heart deformities

What Have Been The Identified Birth Abnormalities & Negative Effects?

As already specified before, multiple medical researches have been undertaken that proved Zofran increases the likelihood of a baby being born with certain birth abnormalities. In lawsuits that have already been filed, complainants identified the following abnormalities that were caused by taking Zofran:

  • ASD
  • VSD
  • Kidney Dysfunctions
  • Webbed Toes
  • Low set ears
  • Heart Murmur
  • CSD
  • Facial Dysmorphia
  • Cleft Palate
  • Cleft Lip
  • Talipes

Despite all this, GSK still does not acknowledge that their drug Zofran, is the causal agent of these birth abnormalities.

How To Go About Filing A Zofran Lawsuit In Hampshire

This website is funded by various law firms across America for the specific purpose of it being a source of relevant, informative and up to date information for the Zofran lawsuit. Our Zofran advocates do not have the legal authority to practice law in New Hampshire, but we have legal authority to practice in Delaware. Delaware state is a pivotal state in this suit as it is the place where GSK has its headquarters and we have offices there.

We encourage you to contact us as soon as possible and we can discuss the several options available to you for filing your case. Your case can be filed in Delaware where we can fully represent your family in a court of law, or at another apt venue. Also, upon further inspection of your circumstances we may deem it fit that your case be filed in New Hampshire using local legal counsel from our network.

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