Zofran Lawsuit FAQs

As a mother, should I have known not to take Zofran during my pregnancy?

No – unfortunately the lack of testing and warning from GlaxoSmithKline lead to doctors and patients never being made aware of the risks of taking Zofran during pregnancy. Specifically:

  1. GSK did not perform human studies on the effect of Zofran on pregnant women even though there was evidence of intrauterine malformations in rabbits and rodents that they tested in the mid 1980s;
  2. By 1990, GSK was notified of 2 instances of child birth defects after the mother ingested Zofran in the first trimester of pregnancy;
  3. By 2000 – GSK knew about 32 cases of birth defects in the children of women who had taken Zofran;
  4. Today there are over 200 known cases of birth defects in the children of women who had taken Ondansetron.

GSK never placed a warning on the label. You could not have known about the risks as a result of this. YOU ARE NOT TO BLAME. Fill out our case form if you believe that GSK is responsible. For more information on allegations of GSK’s liability, click here.

My child was born with a birth defect and I took Zofran / Ondansetron, do I have a case?

Each case is unique and depends on the facts. There is a high probability that you do have a case. Our compassionate Zofran lawyers are here to help you. We understand the anger, confusion and wild range of emotions you are going through. Call us toll-free today, 24/7 at 877-620-8411.

Is there compensation available from the 2012 $3 billion settlement with the DOJ?

No. The fines imposed on GSK in 2012 were for off label marketing and kick-backs for several drugs including Zofran.

In order to receive compensation for your family’s pain and suffering, medical expenses, loss of quality of life and future care you will need to speak with one of our Zofran attorneys about whether your specific facts are elligible for a lawsuit. Call us toll-free to find out: 877-620-8411.

What is the statute of limitations or time bar in a Zofran lawsuit?

Every state has its own statute of limitations (which is the time frame in which a lawsuit must be filed to be eligible for a claim in our legal system). Again there are specific facts at play in each case which may change the answer to this question.

However, in general, our Zofran lawyers will argue that due to the concealment and fraudulent communications from GSK, the statute of limitations should be tolled since the filing of your lawsuit occurred soon after you found out about the cause of action. In addition, many states have longer statutes of limitations for claims involving children. This was also argued in the very first Zofran lawsuit filed in February 2015.

In general, even if your child was born several years ago, you still may have a claim. Please call our Zofran hotline which is open 24/7 to speak with an attorney about your case. Our toll-free number is: 877-620-8411.

Do I still have a lawsuit if I took the generic version of Zofran and my child was born with a birth defect?

Our experienced lawyers are here to help you with these specific facts. The answer will really vary depending on your individual circumstances. Call us free today on 877-620-8411 and we will assess your case.

Is the Zofran lawsuit a class action?

No. If you have a case against the manufacturer of Zofran it will not be a class action. Each case will vary on their own specific facts and thus this litigation is not suitable for a class action. Certain specifics of your case will include when you were prescribed Zofran; whether you were genetically predisposed to a defect anomaly, or other medication that you may have taken. Again, these are not items you need to worry about. Simply call our attorneys. We will put you at ease and have you prepared for your specific situation. Call us toll-free: 877-620-8411.

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