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08 April 2015

Washington Birth Defect Figures & Zofran Litigation

In 1991, pharmaceutical powerhouse GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), was made aware of two cases of children born with birth defects where the expectant mom had taken Zofran in order to get relief from intense morning sickness. However, nothing was done about this knowledge as GSK went on to promote their drug as an off-label anti-nausea drug for pregnant women. It’s original intended use was for use as an anti-nausea drug for cancer patients and those who have had a medical procedures and are experiencing serious nausea and vomiting symptoms.  By 2014 there were over 200 cases of babies born with Zofran related abnormalities.

GSK was investigated by the federal US Government and found to be guilty, among other things, of offering illegal bribes to health care professionals so they can write scripts for Zofran to pregnant women. Zofran was never scientifically verified as a drug that should be used to treat severe morning sickness in pregnant women and GSK paid a $3 billion fine. Research continues as to the effects Zofran has on unborn babies, and so far some of the research from different parts of the world have concluded that Zofran causes (among other defects), a baby to be born with cleft palate and congenital heart defects.To learn more about these studies visit this page.

Figures Of Birth Deformities In Washington

The population of Washington as recorded in the latest census data is 7,061,530. Of that number, the five most populated cities were:

  • Seattle- 652,405 population
  • Spokane- 210,721 population
  • Tacoma- 203,446 population
  • Vancouver- 167,405 population
  • Bellevue- 133,992 population

The Washington State Department of Health supplies an up to date list of birth irregularities in that state, you can see it here. From the time that Zofran was open to the American public, it became a much favored and go to drug for pregnant women battling with grave nausea and vomiting. This popularity as well as the three patents that Zofran held, helped Zofran gain 99 per cent market share in 2005.

We used this information as well as averages of hazard estimates pinpointed in various epidemiological reviews and came up with an approximate figure of 3,810 births in Washington that had a baby being born with a defect because the mother had taken Zofran in the first three months of fetal development.

How Many Orofacial Cleft Defects & Congenital Heart Abnormalities Linked To Zofran In Washington?

Going by the figure of 3,810 of possible birth abnormalities, we have further estimations revealing that 660 are some form of orofacial cleft and 3,150 are congenital heart abnormalities. We further calculated the estimations of birth deformities based on Washington’s five main cities:

  • Seattle- 356 birth abnormalities (roughly: 61 orofacial cleft and 295 congenital heart abnormalities)
  • Spokane- 150 birth abnormalities (roughly: 20 orofacial cleft and 130 congenital heart abnormalities)
  • Tacoma- 145 birth abnormalities (roughly: 19 orofacial cleft and 126 congenital heart abnormalities)
  • Vancouver- 130 birth abnormalities (roughly: 17 orofacial cleft and 113 congenital heart abnormalities)
  • Bellevue- 113 birth abnormalities (approximately: 13 orofacial cleft and  100 congenital heart abnormalities)

What Have Been The Recognized Birth Irregularities Caused By Using Zofran?

Regardless of the studies and findings that have been undertaken in order to determine the effects of Zofran on an unborn child, GSK rejects the fact that Zofran is the agent that caused these birth defects. However, in filed lawsuits, litigants have stated that some of the following defects were caused by using Zofran:

  • ASD
  • VSD
  • Heart Murmurs
  • Renal Dysfunctions
  • Syndactyly
  • Low set ears
  • Facial dysmorphia
  • Cleft Palate

Washington Parents Are Contacting ZofranLegal.com For Lawsuit Details

This website is subsidized by a number of law firms with the goal of bringing regular and accurate information about the Zofran case. Although our advocates are not authorized to practice law in the State of Washington, we are authorized to practice law in the state of Delaware, and we have offices there too. In Delaware is also where Zofran manufacturers have their headquarters. With our offices and ability to practice law in this essential state, it means we can fully represent your case if it is filed there. For more about our office locations click here.

As it stands now, we have taken multiple inquiries from Washington State parents who believe their child or children were born with a defect that was possibly the result of the mother having taken Zofran in the early stages of pregnancy. Each case that comes our way is looked at carefully in order to determine the best way to file your case. We may suggest that your case be filed in Delaware, with us representing you, or filed at another applicable venue. We may further suggest that your case be filed in Washington State via our trusted local counsel.

Please call us to find out more information about your case, as well as to ask us any questions that you may have regarding this lawsuit. Our Zofran attorneys are here to speak with you at all hours of the day. Meet our advocates here.

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