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24 March 2015

Texas Birth Deformities Data And Zofran Litigation

Zofran, is best known as an antiemetic drug that is effective against vomiting and nausea (NVM). In its origin, Zofran was created with the intention of being an antiemetic drug for cancer and post-operative patients who were experiencing NVM due to their treatments. As it goes, Zofran creators, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), found another use for it as an anit-nausea drug for pregnant women afflicted with severe NVM in their first 12 weeks of pregnancy. This particular use of Zofran was never approved by the Food and Food Drug Administration (FDA). Subsequently, GSK has been sued by multiple families all over the country because a mother was prescribed Zofran for NVM and ended up giving birth to a child with birth deformities.

In Texas, there have been cases filed against GSK that cite Zofran was the drug that caused their children to be born with birth deformities. In July, 2015, a Texas family filed a case against GSK alleging that their two children were born with congenital birth and kidney defects due to Zofran exposure in utero. In this case, one child did not survive the birth defects and the other child was born with debilitating kidney malformations. Read more about this case here. Another case was also filed in Texarkana, February 2015,  where the mother used Zofran for NVM and gave birth to a baby who was diagnosed with a septal defect and thickened arteries among other things.

These allegations cited in these cases are not unfounded as there have been several medical studies conducted all over the world that deduce that Zofran causes certain types of birth defects.

Texas Newborn Deformities Information

The Texas Department of State Health Services contains several reports with data on their website. The US Centers for Disease Control estimate that one out of 33 newborns is born with a birth abnormality. The population of the state of Texas is 25,145,561 as of the last census. There were approximately 382,438 births in Texas during 2012. As a result, of those there were an estimated 11,000 births where a child birth defect was reported.

A baby being born with some type of irregularity is not an uncommon thing to happen. These irregularities can happen because of genetic problems caused when one or more genes does not function efficiently or part of a gene is simply missing. Environmental factors also contribute to birth defects; factors such as drugs or alcohol exposure during pregnancy. Our Zofran advocates have evaluated Texas in order to work out the possible cases that exist on the basis of the epidemiological studies that conclude the likelihood of certain defect potentials due to Zofran intake, as well as accounting for the population, and birth incidents in Texas.

The population of the five largest cities in Texas are as follows:

  • Houston – population 2,145,146
  • San Antonio – population 1,359,758
  • Dallas – population 1,223,229
  • Austin – population 820,611
  • Fort Worth – population 758,738

Likely Figures Of Orofacial Cleft & CHDs Possibly Caused By Zofran Ingestion In Texas And Main Texan Cities

From the time Zofran was brought onto the United States market in 1991, it had three patents that boosted Zofran to have a monopoly on the market all the way to 2006. After that there were generic versions that were introduced. Going by the ratios and contingencies deduced in the comparative medical studies undertaken, we project that there are roughly, 12,000 birth defects in Texas that were likely induced by Zofran usage in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Our summations conclude that of those defects 2,500 were some form of orofacial cleft, and 9,500 births were congenital heart defects (CHDs). We further broke these summations for the five main Texan cities to produce the following results:

  • Houston – estimation of overall birth deformities: 1,000 | supposed orofacial cleft : 200 | supposed CHDs: 800
  • San Antonio – estimation of overall birth deformities: 650 | supposed orofacial cleft: 150 | supposed CHDs: 500
  • Dallas – estimation of overall birth deformities: 580 | supposed orofacial cleft: 120 |supposed CHDs: 460
  • Austin – estimation of overall birth deformities: 375 | supposed orofacial cleft: 75 | supposed CHDs : 300
  • Forth Worth – estimation of overall birth deformities: 350 | supposed orofacial cleft: 70 | supposed CHDs: 280

What Have Been The Documented Birth Deformities?

As we have already stated, lawsuits in Texas have been brought to court that have seen litigants state that Zofran was the cause of congenital abnormalities in their children. In these cases Zofran was administered in the first 3 months of pregnancy to alleviate morning sickness. These allegations are based on the results of the medical studies conducted all over the world about the effects of Zofran. Other lawsuits that have been filed have seen complainants cite that Zofran caused some of the following deformities:

  • Hole in the heart
  • Club foot
  • Kidney defects
  • Cleft palate
  • Facial dysmorphia
  • Webbed toes
  • Low set ears
  • Heart murmurs

Texas Parents Looking For Ways To File A Zofran Lawsuit

This website, ZofranLegal.com, is supported by a number of law firms in different geographical locations. The website was created to be a constant source of information for the Zofran lawsuit. Although our legal advocates are not certified to practice law in Texas, we are certified to practice law and hold offices in Delaware State. Delaware is a central state as that is where GSK has its headquarters, which makes it an applicable state in which to file your case. We will also be able to fully represent you in Delaware. Our office location details can be found here.

So far, numerous contact forms and phone calls have come our way from Texas parents who have given birth to children with deformities that they understand may have been caused by Zofran. Upon evaluation of your case we may recommend that your case be filed in Delaware through our Delaware licensed attorneys or where possible, it maybe advised to file your case using Texas legal counsel from our network. To know more about how to file your case and or for any other questions you may have, please contact us. To find out more about our Zofran attorneys, click here.

Where To Get Cleft Palate & CHDs Facts In Texas

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