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16 June 2015

Child Birth Defects Data And Zofran Lawsuits In Mississippi

In 1991 GlaxoSmithKline began promotion of the drug Zofran in the United States. Zofran was also endorsed for use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the same year for the very specific purpose of the drug being used as an anti-nausea medication for cancer patients in chemo and radiation therapy treatment, as well as, for treating nausea that happens due to surgery. Unfortunately, Zofran’s makers promoted the drug beyond its approval limitations and started advertising the drug as a ‘safe’ option for pregnant women suffering from intense and persistent nausea and vomiting (NVM), also known as hyperemesis gravidarum.

GSK did not perform adequate tests to validate marketing their drug as a safe anti-nausea medication to be taken during pregnancy without affecting the baby’s development. See our about page for more information about the lack of safety testing from GSK. There were cases that GSK was made aware of, of Zofran causing birth defects in unborn babies. In 1991 GSK had information about two birth defects in cases where Zofran was used to relieve nausea during the early stages of pregnancy. By 2000 there were more than 200 known cases of Zofran being the reason why a child was born with birth deformities. But, GSK did not give any warnings stating that taking Zofran could have detrimental effects on an unborn baby. Studies from all over the world were also performed to determine if Zofran does cause birth deformities and majority of conclusions showed that Zofran was a cause factor in a baby being born with specific defects like cleft palate and congenital heart defects.For more about these studies visit this page.

Mississippi Data About Infant Birth Irregularities

The Mississippi State Health Department states that birth irregularities are the leading cause of death in the first year of life. In all of America this estimation is at one in every 33 births ends up being a birth irregularity. Zofran was accessible to the American market in 1991 and from that time it was virtually unstoppable as America’s favorite drug for fighting morning sickness or NVM in expectant women. By 2005 the drug had nearly 99% market share. In 2014 Mississippi had 2,994,179 people living there.

We used the information above and averaged the possible hazards that were pinpointed in the epidemiological studies and estimated that almost 1,504 infant births in Mississippi may have ended up being a birth irregularity in instances where the mother had been administered Zofran for NVM.

The cities with the biggest population figures in Mississippi are:

  • Jackson- 171,155 population
  • Gulfport- 71,750 population
  • Southaven- 51,824 population
  • Hattiesburg- 47,016 population
  • Biloxi- 44,984 population

What Are The Possible Numbers Of Cleft Palate and Congenital Heart Deformities Caused By Zofran In Mississippi?

Employing Mississippi’s population of 2,994,179, our estimations show that possibly 281 infant births were a type of cleft palate and 1,223 births were possibly congenital heart abnormalities. For Mississippi’s five biggest cities our estimations reveal the following possible numbers:

  • Jackson- 130 infant birth defects with roughly 16 cleft palate, and 114 congenital heart abnormalities
  • Gulfport- 84 infant birth defects with roughly 7 cleft palate, and 77 congenital heart abnormalities
  • Southaven- 74 infant birth defects with roughly 5 cleft palate, and 69 congenital heart abnormalities
  • Hattiesburg- 72 infant birth defects with roughly 4 cleft palate, and 68 congenital heart abnormalities
  • Biloxi- 71 infant birth defects with roughly 4 cleft palate, and 67 congenital heart abnormalities

Birth Irregularities That Have Been Disclosed By Litigants

In currently filed lawsuits, litigants have disclosed that Zofran was the main agent that led to their child being born with birth irregularities. Litigants base these complaints on the various clinical research studies conducted all over the world. Some of the disclosed birth irregularities in suits are:

  • ASD
  • VSD
  • SCD
  • Renal Deformations
  • Cleft Palate
  • Club Foot
  • Webbed Toes
  • Low set ears
  • Bicuspid aortic stenosis
  • Supraventricular tachycardia

It should be noted that GSK, does not acknowledge that their drug is the cause of such types of birth abnormalities.

Mississippi Parents Contacting Us About Zofran Suits

Various law firms have come together to create this website, with the intention of giving constant news about the Zofran suit. Our Zofran advocates are not permitted to practice law in Mississippi, however, we are permitted to practice law in Delaware State. Delaware is also an important state as it is where GlaxoSmithKline has its headquarters. This means we can file your family’s case in a suit that is filed in Delaware. We also have offices in Delaware.

There are several ways we propose for you to file your Zofran litigation. We may propose you file in Delaware as previously mentioned, or file at another convenient location, or after having looked at the extenuating circumstances of your case, we may propose you file it in Mississippi through our recommended local legal counsel.

We highly encourage you to get in touch with us immediately and we can work out the details of your case. We are here to speak with you at anytime of the day and offer free case evaluation. Meet our Zofran advocates here.

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