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10 April 2015

Arizona Birth Defects Data & Zofran Lawsuits

The creators of Zofran, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), performed Zofran tests in the 1980s on animals such as rabbits and rodents which resulted in toxicity, abnormalities, and even death of animals within the womb. Fast forward to 1991, Zofran with the active ingredient Ondensatron Hydrochloride, was given the go ahead by the FDA to be sold in America to individuals experiencing acute nausea due to their chemo and radiation therapy and those having nausea after medical procedures.

These were the only approved uses of Zofran, but its makers allowed the drug to be marketed as an anti-nausea medication for pregnant women experiencing acute morning sickness. This marketing point was backed by very little testing as previously noted with the rodent and rabbits testing. The FDA never gave its approval for the drug to be used and considered safe for use in pregnant women. Subsequently, lawsuits have been brought to court all over the United States. Furthermore, there have been numerous studies carried out in various countries that concluded Zofran was the cause of certain birth deformities when taken by an expectant mother in her first trimester.

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Birth Defects Data In Arizona

The Arizona Birth Defects Monitoring Program (ABDMP) provides data about birth defects in the state. Click here for more information about the program. Arizona’s population, as of the 2014 census estimate was 6,731,484. Arizona’s five heavily populated cities are recorded as follows:

  • Phoenix- 1,513,367 population
  • Tucson- 526,116 population
  • Mesa- 457,587 population
  • Chandler- 249,146 population
  • Glendale- 234,632 population

It is believed that  by 2005 Zofran had 99% market share since its 1991 entry onto the US market. The drug was widely prescribed ever since. In terms of birth deformities the CDC has noted that for every 33 babies born one will have a birth deformity. Making use of this data our Zofran attorneys have worked out the figures of births that have been affected by the presence of Zofran resulting in a birth defect as they averaged the danger proportions recognized in completed research studies. The end figure was an approximate 3,655 Arizona live births that were affected by Zofran consumption in the early stages of pregnancy resulting in a birth abnormality.

Arizona & Its Largest Cities Probable Figures Of Cleft Palate & CHDs

Appropriating Arizona’s population of 6,731,484, our summations have concluded probable figures of 730 birth deformities that were a type of cleft palate, and 2,925 births with congenital heart defect (CHD). An analysis of each of the five largest cities is as follows:

  • Phoenix- probable total birth defects: 810 with 140 cleft palate and 670 CHDs
  • Tucson- probable total birth defects: 300 with 50 cleft palate and 250 CHDs
  • Mesa- probable total birth defects: 265 with 45 cleft palate and 220 CHDs
  • Chandler- probable total birth defects: 170 with 30 cleft palate and 140 CHDs
  • Glendale- probable total birth defects: 160 with 22 cleft palate: and 138 CHDs

Disclosed Zofran Related Birth Deformities and Negative Effects

Current cases that have been brought to court have seen complainants alleging that Zofran was responsible for major birth defects in cases where the mom took the drug as an anti-nausea remedy in the early stages of pregnancy. The relayed birth deformities stem from the clinical studies from numerous countries across the globe.

Zofran related birth deformities that have been disclosed in filed court cases are, but not limited to:

  • Hole in the heart
  • Low set ears
  • Webbed toes
  • Kidney malformations
  • Facial dysmorphia
  • Cleft palate
  • Loss of hearing

It has been recorded that there is a 2.37 chance of a baby being born with a cleft palate if a mother consumed Zofran in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. The first cleft palate related case has since been filed in April 2015 by parents from Billings, Yellowstone, stating that the drug was the agent that caused their child to be born with cleft lip and palate.

Pursuing A Zofran Lawsuit In Arizona

We have had numerous questions from Arizona parents who have children suffering from major birth defects that they suspect were brought on by the use of Zofran when the mother was pregnant. Although our Zofran attorneys are not certified to practice law in the state of Arizona, we are certified to practice law in Delaware where we have offices. Delaware is also where the makers of Zofran have their headquarters. This means we are able to pursue your Zofran case when filed in Delaware State, or we can either advise another appropriate venue or refer you to trusted local Arizona counsel to pursue your case.

Our attorneys are here to speak with you at any time and discuss your case. Click here to meet our Zofran advocates here.

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