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24 April 2015

Alabama Infant Birth Defect Stats & Zofran Litigation

In July 2015, a Birmingham, Alabama mom registered a case against the maker of the drug Zofran, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). The mom stated that she was prescribed Zofran in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy because of her severe morning sickness. However, when her son was born in 2014, he was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect and kidney defect. The mom states that her son’s condition came about due to the baby being exposed to Zofran in utero at a critical fetal development stage. For more information about the Alabama lawsuit go here.

The Alabama mom’s allegations are founded in truth as there have been clinical studies that have linked Zofran to increased birth deformities such as cleft palate or congenital heart defects (also known as hole in the heart). Zofran was primarily given the go ahead for public use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1991 for the sole purpose of nausea prevention in cancer and post-operative patients. GSK went a step further and allowed the drug to be prescribed to expectant moms suffering from severe morning sickness. The FDA never gave the go ahead for Zofran to be used as an anti-nausea medication in pregnant women. Subsequently, many lawsuits have been filed stating the effects Zofran had on fetal development therefore, causing birth deformities.

Alabama Infant Birth Deformities Data

The most recent Alabama population as recorded by the U.S. census bureau is 4,849,377. From that population, the most densely populated cities were:

  • Birmingham- 212,113 population
  • Montgomery- 201,332 population
  • Mobile- 194,899 population
  • Huntsville- 186,254 population
  • Tuscaloosa- 95,334 population

It is widely documented that for every 33 babies, one is born with a birth deformity. Since the time Zofran was made available to the U.S. market in 1991, it skyrocketed to become one of of America’s most prescribed drugs. Zofran was so popular that by 2005 it was assumed it garnered 99% market share. Armed with this knowledge our Zofran attorneys have processed probabilities of births that were affected by the presence of Zofran, as they also averaged the prospect ratios found in the multiple clinical studies mentioned earlier. Our calculations reveal that possibly 2,775 births in Alabama were affected by the presence of Zofran in the infant’s early developmental stages in the womb.

Alabama’s Possible Cleft Palate & CHDs

Going by the fact that Zofran was made available in 1991, while holding three patents as well as generic versions, we have further calculated that of the total birth deformities in Alabama of 2,775 there were possibly 455 infant deformities that were a type of cleft palate and 2,320 infant deformities with a congenital heart defect (CHDs). We further determined the cleft palate and CHD figures for Alabama’s five largest cities:

  • Birmingham- 150 possible infant defects (almost 20 cleft palate and 130 CHDs)
  • Montgomery- 145 possible infant defects (almost 20 cleft palate and 125 CHDS)
  • Mobile- 140 possible infant defects (almost 17 cleft palate and 123 CHDs)
  • Huntsville- 137 possible infant defects (almost 17 cleft palate and 120 CHDs)
  • Tuscaloosa- 95 possible infant defects (almost 10 cleft palate and 85 CHDs)

Recorded Zofran Related Adverse Effects In Infants

As already noted, numerous lawsuits have already been filed as a result of Zofran related infant deformities. All the cases share the similarity of a mother having been prescribed Zofran in the early stages of her pregnancy as anti-nausea medication, thus delivering a baby with birth irregularities. Some of the recorded infant defects have been:

  • Atrial septal defect
  • Cardiac septal defect
  • Kidney defects
  • Webbed toes
  • Talipes
  • Low set ears
  • Facial dysmorphia
  • Cleft palate
  • Cleft Lip

Alabama Parents Pursuing Justice From

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